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Affirmations are words we hear over and over in order to affect change in our lives


Take in this 60 Minute Grounding Affirmations Audio to Relax the mind & soul!


Containing a few easy to learn  affirmations spoken repeated over calming music especially composed for Teeno and Co! Enjoy!


This affirmations audio is for children and adults who want to experience less worry, anxiety, stress, and more calm, joy and peace in their lives.


A calm mind is a creative mind.


How to use:


-Listen to them everyday as much times as you like.


-Play at a low comfotable volume in the background as you go about your day to day routine.


-No need to concentrate and repeat them. They will seep into the subconscious mind easier that way with no effort on your part!


-You can even listen to them while you sleep.


-It is reccommended that you Listen for a minimum of 21 days in order to gain the full value and benefits of the words spoken.


Grounding Affirmations Audio For Anxiety